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Validate, Edit and Split Large XML Of Any Size

XMLMax: Fastest XML Treeview Editor + XmlSplit: Flexible XML Splitter

XMLMax Validating Editor:

Never wait long to fully load large XML.
Instant reloading even after saving changes.
Read about a firm that edited a 270 GB XML.
Single user license: $199 USD.

xml editor screenshot

XmlSplit XML File Splitter:

Command line XML splitter plus
    Wizard that splits XML and auto-creates scripts.
Multiple split methods and options.
Single user license: $99 USD.

xmlsplit wizard

XMLMax Review

"Recently I came across a tool that was very helpful in the review of large XML documents…..REALLY large xml documents…..Hundreds of megabytes and more! In the years I’ve been working with XML, every so often I come across a document that I can’t read, can’t process, or can’t otherwise easily research for a data integration application. The tools I usually employ either hit errors or take forever to open while parsing thru thousands upon thousands of elements and attributes. "  

Ernie Ostic, http://www.dsrealtime.com/category/xml


"XMLSplit has saved me immense amounts of time in working with large, unruly XML files. The interface is easy to use, and the program itself is quick and concise. All I can say is XMLSplit is awesome!"

Jason Descamps, Chief Information Officer, Marisol International, Springfield, MO USA.

"XMLMax is the fastest XML viewer for XML’s of size 500MB and above and I am really impressed."

Aaron Wedesweiler, Data Lead, Flight Planning System Replacement Program (FPFUTURE), Operations Support, Qantas Airways Limited

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Our customers are in over twenty-five countries and range from large firms like Dow Jones, Wells Fargo Bank and Volkswagon, to smaller ones such as TMB Bookshop, DataSign and Uptick Data.
They include the following:


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