XmlSplit Wizard

The Wizard offers two modes for splitting XML files:
  • 1. A script generator that automatically creates scripts that call the command-line splitter with all the method and options arguments for:

    Windows Script Host
    Windows command.

    The script may be run directly from the Wizard, or saved to a file for execution from the Windows Command, a batch file, or Powershell. Writing scripts can be a pain, especially when it comes to small details like enclosing file names in an extra set of quotes when the path contains spaces. The Wizard removes all that pain. It creates properly formatted scripts, complete with comments.

  • 2. Spliting without using a script. This mode includes a preview window, progress report and cancel button.
The following images show each tab in the Wizard: Files, Methods, Options, Split and Script.

Files tab: select the XML to be split and the file and folder for writing the split files

xmlslit files

Methods tab: select the method for splitting the XML.

xmlslit methods

Options tab: options are applied to each of the split files.

xmlslit options

Split tab: preview each split file or split the entire XML in one action.

xmlslit split

Script tab: creates a script for Powershell or Winscript Host or just the command-line splitter, each with all the method and option arguments.

xmlslit script

Merge tab: Simple XML file level merge that concatenates files in a manner that results in a well-formed XML file

xmlslit merge
Sample Scripts. Help comments are automatically included.

Sample Winscript Host Script Created by the Wizard

winscript host

Sample Powershell Script Created by the Wizard

winscript host

Sample Command Line Script Created by the Wizard

winscript host

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