Sample XML file orders_header.xml containing 50 ORDER elements
Example 3: Split every 20 and write header in each file.
  • Insert root element of the source XML document in every split file.
  • Write the header element in each split file.
  • Use the Threshold option to skip unwanted nodes.
Writes the specified root element followed by the header element(ORDER_HEADER). When the first Threshold element, ORDER is reached, elements with a depth of 1 are written, including all child nodes, until 20 such elements have been written. Child elements are not included in the count. When 20 ORDER elements have been written, a new split file is created and these steps are repeated until the end of the source XML is reached. The Threshhold option is used to force the program to ignore all elements until the specified Threshold element is reached.
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First two split files created are below:

Split file 1.

Split file 2.