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Privacy Policy

At Xponent Software, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. The following identifies everything we collect on our website and how we use it.

  • Where your name or e-mail address are requested they are not shared or sold to any third party.
  • Other than the specific cases noted below, our website does not collect any personal or identifiable information about you.
  • The Downloads page asks for your e-mail address, which is strictly optional. Your e-mail is used only to notify you when software updates are available.
  • The Support page asks for your name and e-mail address which are used solely to verify you are a customer.
  • Our website does not directly use cookies, but the ASP technology it is based on internally uses a cookie to maintain session state.
  • Our website does not implement any form of user tracking.
  • Our website does not use any form of advertising and does not receive or send any data to third party websites or URLs.
  • All purchases are handled through our ecommerce provider, Kagi.com and you can read Kagi's privacy policy.

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